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Becoming an initiate

The first step is to apply for the initiation in the Kabbalistic Order of the Rose-Cross.


After you sent your Application

Once we will have received your application, you will receive an answer usually within 15 days.

Then, if  your application is validated, you will receive a mail about the day and place of your initiation. This mail will contain the link for the payment of the fees related to your application (Annual dues and administrative fees related to the initiation). You can click here, to know the fees you will have to pay after the validation of your application.

After the payment of these fees, your application will be considered as complete. You will receive by postal mail the book "Universal Code of Morals" and your access to the private website will be granted. You will find in this section of the private website various elements needed to prepare your initiation (theory and practice) and various important information.


Payment Options

After the validation of your application, you will be able to pay the fees either by Paypal (recommended) or MoneyGram and Western Union.

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Send your Application

To send your application, just click here...


Next initiation - Kensignton MD (Close to Washington DC)

The next initiations to the Degree S.I. (specific to the Order) and the 1st Degre K.R.E are planned one September 24th and 25th, 2016 in Washington DC. The exact address of the temple will be sent to the members that have been validated.






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